How Often Should You Call for Air Conditioning Service?

If you are a homeowner, expect the need for air conditioning service to keep your unit working its best. The AC is composed of many different parts and pieces that work together to cool your space. They work hard to provide you this comfort, and can wear out from this work. When you have regular air conditioning service Stafford, TX, there is less worry and more confidence that your unit is at its best when you need cool comfort.

Most experts agree that annual AC service provides optimal results for homeowners that want to reduce risk of damage and sustain their unit. Professional AC experts can clean the AC unit during this annual service, as well as inspect the unit for wear and tear or other damage that causes trouble at your home.  A spring cleaning of the air conditioning unit ensures that it is ready to provide peak performance during the summer, optimizing your comforts along the way.

air conditioning service Stafford, TXmold and mildew

Dust, dirt, and moisture accumulate when the air conditioner is operating. These things clog the air filters, potentially cause mold and mildew growth, and deplete the overall performance of the air conditioning unit. Up to 5% of the unit’s operating efficiency is lost each year due to this build up. Annual service can help you control cooling costs, prolong the lifetime of your unit, and reduce the need for repair service.

The cost of air conditioning service varies. Many factors affect the costs of the job, though it typically costs less than $200. Average cost of an AC repair is $330, so it is easy to see how much money you can save from the very start of the service. Do not leave your AC unit to fend for itself and make sure you schedule regular service.