Keeping A Green Fit For Kings And Queens

You get that. You may not see them in your neighborhood, but take a drive just outside of town to those areas designated as up market areas. And if there are estates generous enough to not have such high walls, you might just see them. They may not be the landscaped gardens of kings and queens, but they may as well be. Rich and famous folks live here. They have the finest green lawns this side of town. Municipalities that run public gardens are even hard-pressed to keep up with these folks.

Jacobsen greens king 522

They may argue that this is all beyond them. They simply do not have the resources, but that’s all bosh anyhow. If you are a green keeper of sorts, just know that all it could take to keep a green fit for a king and his queen will be a Jacobsen greens king 522. If not that, well, there’s plenty more to choose from a vast online catalogue that houses specialist mowing and trimming devices, all optimized with power and precision.

While the finest horticulturalists correctly argue that manual mowers and hand-held cutters still have its place, they’ll heartily concur that motorized devices go some distance in, well, covering large distances. This is necessary if you’re to be the perfect custodian of a public park or golfing estate. Do this job well, and who knows, you might just be up for a promotion. You could be winging your way off to a new estate populated by the rich and famous. And the kings and queens who prefer to go nowhere else for their outdoor recreation.

Or better still, do well in your trade and you could be part of a team managing the world-famous grand slam links.